Verification/Fact checking Standards

সত্য প্রকাশে আপোষহীন, দেশের হট খবর, জামালপুরের হট খবর, রাজনীতির হট খবর, সারাদেশের হট খবর
Verification/Fact checking Standards | Seba Hot News | সেবা হট নিউজ |

‘Seba Hot News: Satya Prokashe Aposhhin’ commits to verifying all statistics and technical information by cross-checking with source documents and/or clearly stating the source of the information. This sometimes involves seeking the consultation of an external expert or the primary source of the information and providing them with any necessary information from the content in question for verification.

‘Seba Hot News: Satya Prokashe Aposhhin’ prides itself on the validity of its content, and therefore does whatever it can to be sure that the information presented by its writers is accurate. As a well-known global publication, Seba Hot News understands the importance of approaching claims with skepticism, thinking critically, and upholding accuracy in whatever way possible.

‘Seba Hot News: Satya Prokashe Aposhhin’ encourages its to keep in mind the following considerations when producing articles:

  • Credit, acknowledge, and verify the source(s) of your information.
  • Consider whether you know enough about the information to qualify as a trustable source.
  • Think critically when addressing claims.
  • Never make assumptions.
We trust our Seba Hot News’ integrity and the accuracy of the information provided in our publication. But in the case that a mistake is made, we recognize the importance of admitting to mistakes and diligently working to provide correct information whenever mistakes are made. Consequently, we encourage our readers, contributors, and their sources to provide us with feedback on any of our content.

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